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Welcome to class 2 with Miss Low, Mrs Miller, Mrs Underwood and Miss Arthur.

Crazy Hair for Comic Relief 2021

Class 2 excelled themselves with some very crazy hair to raise money for comic relief. We also had a crazy hair art competition in class. Have a look at their creations...

Year 3/4 Poetry Study

Year 3 and 4 have been looking at poetry by Carol-Ann Duffy including, Sand, The Moon, Cucumbers and Don't Be Scared. 

They created their own versions of 'Don't be Scared' using metaphors to describe the dark.

World Book Day 2021

World Book Day was a little different this year, instead of dressing up, the children created some really imaginative story mash-up PowerPoints. Have a look...

Remote Learning January-March 2021

A sample of some of the creative work produced by class 2 children during the second lockdown. We are so proud of how hard they have worked!

Lockdown Learning

An example of some of the super work children from class 2 have produced during lockdown, including art, science, design and technology and writing.

Caleb's wacky races stop motion movie.mov

Forest School Fun!

Goodbye Mrs Gains! We will miss you!

Scan the QR codes on the PDF document to access videos of a range of Bible stories.

Marvellous Mapping!

Children in class 2 have been learning to use OS maps, using grid references and compass points to find places and to give and follow directions. They had fun drawing maps of the school playgound, then used 4 or 6-figure grid references and the 8 compass points to plan journeys around them.

World Book Day Fun!

This year, children in class 2 came dressed as a word, either, mysterious, valiant or treacherous. We had a collection of fabulous outfits including Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka and a mysterious snake queen!  In class, the children created their own supervillains based on villains from our favourite stories, including Miss Trunchbull from Matilda and Voldemort from Harry Potter. We talked about how villains can make a story more exciting and fun to read! 

WW2 Homework Presentations

Class 2 children did an excellent job of researching different aspects of WW2 for homework.  They were given the task to find out about any aspect of the war that interested them and had to decide how they would share their learning with the class.  Presentations included information on Morse Code, air raid shelters, world leaders, timelines of events and general facts.  The children even made model planes, 3D maps and a home-made Morse Code buzzing machine! very impressive!

Spring Term Classroom Chronicle 2020


In maths we have been learning about money. The children love practising their addition and subtraction skills at the class shop!

Autumn 2019 Classroom Chronicle

Children in Need

We had great fun taking part in creative enterprise activities to raise money for Children in Need!  Safety pin bracelets, Pudsey keyrings, bookmarks, yummy cakes and biscuits were all sold to members of the community who ventured out on a wet Friday morning to enjoy our stalls!  We also got to come to school in our pyjamas which was cool smiley!

Reading with Class 1

Class 2 love to read with the children in class one, asking them questions about the story and helping with tricky words.

History Detectives

We had great fun searching the classroom for clues to find out how they set up the city of Baghdad in AD 762.  Once we had found all of the clues, we used our notes to draw maps of the city as it would have been.

Science : String Telephones 

Our topic in Science is sound we have been investigating how sound travels and we created, using a range of materials, our own string telephones. Can you guess which made the best sound? 

Art: Claude Monet 

We have been learning to sketch and paint in the style of Claude Monet. We focused our work on Claude Monet's Thames image and then we recreated our own!



To consolidate our learning on the key features of rivers and river systems we made and labelled 3D models.  


This document has some fun ideas for you to practise your spelling words at home! 

Spring 2019

Curriculum Chronicle. 

Please click on the link below to find out what we are learning this term.

Spring 2019

Class 2 had an awesome time at Harlow Carr den building, creating natural art and learning about seeds!

Active spelling! The children learn their spellings in a variety of ways. Some of these include foamy spellings, colourful words, speed spellings, pyramid spellings and colourful vowels!

Woodland fun at Burnt Yates school: Class 2 enjoyed collecting Autumn resources for their Autumn leaf art. We then created owl, deer and squirrel images using natural resources.

Anya and Amelia's Collective Worship: The Y6 girls led their own collective worship focusing on our current school value 'Hope'. 

Fire Safety: The fire service came to talk to the children about Fire Safety and much to their excitement they got to sit in the engine and learn about the equipment that they use.

Science: The Y3 and Y4 children continued their learning on magnetism by investigating which coins were magnetic. We were really surprised to see that 5 pence pieces before 2011 weren't magnetic as they were made out of cupronickel whereas now they are made out of nickel plated steel and were very magnetic! The pictures show which coins were and weren't magnetic!

ScienceThis term the Y3 and Y4 children have been exploring magnetism, they have investigated how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others.