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Remote Learning Information

January 2021 Lockdown and School Closure

Due to the national lockdown and subsequent school closure, and following DfE advice, all learning for children will be delivered online. This will take a different format to what was previously provided. We have tried to ensure that as much of the learning as possible matches the intended learning for each year group in school this term.

Provision for learning during this lockdown for all children is as follows.

Class contact with teachers

Morning ability group Zoom with class teacher - during this Zoom, teachers will provide teaching of key knowledge and introduce children to their next learning activities.

Afternoon whole class Zoom with class teacher - this will be an opportunity for children to share and discuss the learning they have done during the day and for teachers to provide feedback.

Individual contact with teachers

In Class 1, children can contact Mrs Ward via their Tapestry account .

Class 1 will have a schedule for a 'reading drop in' session. During these sessions the children will have an opportunity to read 1:1 with Mrs Ward or Mrs Shaw. This will also allow time for a quick chat and wellbeing check up.

In Class 2, children can message their class teacher using DB Primary.

Parents can make contact with class teachers, with any queries regarding children’s learning and well-being, via the teacher's school email accounts.

These will be monitored during school hours only (Monday to Friday 9:00-3:15) and teachers will endeavor to reply as quickly as possible. For any general enquiries, please contact the school office as usual.

Please be aware that in addition to planning and delivering remote learning, all teachers are in charge of a Key Worker bubble throughout the school day. Therefore, they will respond to any contact as soon as they are able to. 

 SEND children

We aim to put in place teaching assistant/ extra teacher support for those children who would usually require more support with their learning. This will be arranged individually between class teachers and families once remote learning routines have been established. If you require extra support for your child with their remote learning then please don't hesiate to contact your child's class teacher.

Learning Activities

In Class 1, learning activities are sent each day via DB Primary.  Parents will be informed which group's work their child needs to access. Mrs Ward will do her best to have the next day's learning on DB Primary by 6pm to allow parents the opportunity to prepare if they would like. Tapestry is used for parents to upload and share work and for Mrs Ward to give feedback.

In Class 2, learning activities can be accessed by the children on their class page on DB Primary, our school's usual learning platform. They will be shown how to do this during their first Zoom call.

There will be a range of learning activities to complete online and in children’s Remote Learning Books.

Children who are attending school as part of the Critical Worker and Vulnerable groups provision will join their class Zoom calls and access the same learning activities as children working at home. They will be supported in their learning by the teaching assistants.

This system of remote learning is new to everyone and it is inevitable that there will be teething problems for us all. As ever we appreciate all the support you give us and we are looking forward to working with you over the coming weeks. We are acutely aware that everyone’s family situation is different and would urge you to contact us for extra support if needed.