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Class 2 - Year 2 and Year 3



In Class 2 we are Y2 and Y3 children. Mrs Ward is our Teacher and Miss Arthur is our Teaching Assistant

We are a great team and love our learning!

Autumn Term 2022

Please explore our Curriculum Overview to see what exciting things we are learning each half term. You can also acces Class 2's homework project for this half term as well as the key vocabulary that the children will be using in their learning.


Halow Carr Gardens Trip

We visited Harlow Carr Gardens to support our work in science this term. We spent time closely observing different plants and their features, investigated the kitchen garden to see what food is grown in our country at this time of year and of course made time for a play on the park!

The children, as always, were excellent ambassadors for our school, displaying excellent behaviour and engagement in the activities as you can see from the snapshot of our day below. 

Some amazing homework challenges completed. I have had some wonderful European landmarks made from all sorts of things! Cressie also tasted food from all over Europe and reported back on them!

What a lovely way to kick start our Easter holidays! Jack brought in his pet lamb that he has been helping to look after at home.


Religious Education

As part of our work on what it means to be a Christian today we spent some time with Father Paul in St Andrew's Church. He took the time to explain the impartance of Holy Communion to Christians and how this is shared in church. Have a look at our photos that show our learning. We have used our knew knowledge to create a loveky disply in our classroom. 


We have started developing our gymnastic skills with Mr Whitford from Sporting Influence. We began by working on the extension of our limbs during travelling and making shapes. We then moved onto adding the shapes into jumps. Mr Whitford was really impressed with our focussed working and could see improvements in our control and extension even after a short time. We are looking forward to building up to using the large wall climbing equipment. 


Henry VIII Portraits.

As part of our work in History we have been learning about Henry VIII. We have looked at different portraits and discussed what information they give us about the King. We then had a go at creating our own. They are amazing! Please have a look at our Henry VIII art gallery below.

Autumn Term 2021


In PE this term we have been working with Mr Whitford from Sporting Influence. Linked to our science topic of Humans including Animals we have been developing our fitness skills and thinking about how exercise effects our bodies. We have done circuit work, measuring how our heart rate changes and challenging our own personal records in a range of fitness exercises. We have also enjoyed a wide range of games that develop our agility.