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History project with Mrs Ives

The History of Admiral Long School & Burnt Yates

Over the past few months Class 3 have been working alonngside Mrs Ives, who is a current Trustee and a former Headmistress of Burnt Yates School. 

We have found out a lot about the history of our school and how it came to be built in the first instance. 

Mrs Ives published a book all about it and she helped the children with their understanding of it all as it's quite a long and complicated story with many different characters coming into play.

Our first job was to piece together a complicated timeline.

The next time we met with her we were very lucky to be taken upstairs to the special Board of Trustees room, which is full of beautiful old artefacts, all linked to the history of our school!

Illustrators in the Making...

Our work with Mrs Ives has been such a success, that the children in Class 3 have now been asked by her to illustrate her new book, which will be aimed at young children.

We had no idea where our 'Local History' topic was going to take us, but what a fun project this has all turned out to be for everyone!

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs Ives and all the children in Class 3!

Thank you

We hope you enjoyed looking through all our photos and we look forward to sharing the finished published book with you all!